Our USP is the fast and cost-effective deployment of KYC and AML transaction monitoring solutions in the cloud. We provide our customers with a complete Software-as-a-Service package including hosting and management services, implementation, watchlists and software licensing.

Our offering is based on the software of a global market leader in anti-money laundering solutions. With spotixx you will benefit from a single partner for the complete set of services required, from delivery of external data to hosting, software and professional services.

With this approach, we enable innovative companies to swiftly become compliant at low cost and project risk. We also support you around the regulatory aspects of Compliance outsourcing.


  • Reduced risk, cost and duration through pre-configured service package
  • High flexibility of a Software-as-a-Service model
  • Full-Service aus einer Hand: Hosting, Betrieb, Implementierung, Watchlist-Anbieter und Lizenzen
  • Deep domain know-how in the area of machine learning for the optimization of alert scoring


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