safeFBDC is a funded research project that aims at enabling cross-institutional use of financial market data while preserving individual data sovereignty. The consortium under the leadership of TechQuartier consists of eleven founding, including spotixx, and numerous associated partners covering a large part of the German financial industry. Our goal is to create a unique financial data platform that brings flexibility, scalability and robustness to be able to apply state of the art research, optimize business processes and develop new, data-driven solutions. In ensuring secure access to currently unavailable financial data, we will be able to improve the performance of AI algorithms to solve important issues.
Among others, this concerns the impact of climate risks on financial markets, the fight against money laundering and the protection of the integrity of financial markets. Within safeFBDC, spotixx will focus on researching and developing tools to improve the detection of money laundering activity on Connected Data. This will be achieved by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to a unique pool of shared data from the partners of the project. Thus, the interest in the successful realization of safeFBDC is not limited to actors of financial markets; it is intended to serve the greater public good. We see this as a unique opportunity to establish a strong data ecosystem for the financial services market in Germany. The project will serve as a blueprint for data ecosystems made in Europe and provide valuable contributions to the GAIA-X initiative.


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