Transforming Anti-Money Laundering with Cutting-Edge AI

AMALIA seamlessly integrates into your existing transaction monitoring systems, providing effortless implementation without the need for software replacement. Our solution autonomously reviews money laundering alerts, escalating critical alerts to investigator teams and identifying false positives for auto-closing.

With AMALIA, you can minimize risk exposure to money laundering, improve operational efficiency, and optimize the cost of compliance.

Key Benefits of AMALIA:

  • Enhances efficiency and accuracy, reducing the workload on human analysts
  • Optimizes the cost of anti-money laundering operations
  • Improves detection capabilities
  • Provides hassle-free implementation process
  • Lowers the risk of overlooking suspicious transactions
  • Offers insightful dashboards, KPIs, and custom reporting for operational insights
  • Produces detailed audit and compliance reports for transparency and regulatory compliance

In the heavily regulated arena of anti-money laundering, banks are compelled to rely on rule-based detection models, characterized by high detection rates alongside alarmingly high false positive rates, placing significant financial strain on the institutions. Banks are initiating conversations with regulatory authorities to explore avenues for optimizing existing transaction monitoring solutions using machine learning methodologies.

Transform your Anti-Money Laundering strategies with AMALIA

Conventional rules-based AML systems are proving inadequate, inundating investigation teams with a deluge of false positive alerts. With AMALIA, we introduce a paradigm-shifting solution meticulously crafted to streamline your AML operations and bolster efficiency. Our advanced AI models not only prioritize relevant alerts but also autonomously close false positives, enabling your investigators to focus on genuine threats. Bid farewell to cumbersome approval processes and embrace AMALIA for seamless, effective AML operations.

spotixx provides its clients with optimization rules designed to classify alerts based on the likelihood of alert-to-SAR or alert-to-case. Utilizing sophisticated machine learning models, spotixx generates these optimization rules, ensuring they are easily interpretable and comprehensible, thereby fostering acceptance by regulatory authorities.

We offer support for various optimization scenarios, including:

  • Development of alert scoring or alert post-processing models
  • Provision of input for an alert hibernation model
  • Identification and refinement of risk factors in existing transaction monitoring systems
  • Adjustment of thresholds for rules within current transaction monitoring systems
  • Discovery of novel detection rules

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