Expert Consultation for Effective Anti-Financial Crime Solutions

Drawing on our extensive expertise in building and operating Anti-Financial Crime platforms, we offer customized consulting services covering:

  • Designing and conceptualizing AI platforms to combat financial crime
  • Conducting Maturity Assessments to evaluate AI adoption within your organization
  • Developing machine learning models for analytical fraud and money laundering detection
  • Integrating and optimizing analytical fraud models across your enterprise

Our seasoned team of fraud specialists is poised to promptly assist your institution with assessing and managing suspicious cases (Alerts), even beyond standard business hours. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Prompt assessment and triage of Alerts
  • Resolution of Alerts as False-Positives if suspicion is not confirmed
  • Investigation of confirmed suspicious cases in collaboration with your customers
  • Coordination with recipient banks in confirmed fraud cases
  • Handover of confirmed fraud cases to your relevant departments for further action
  • Documentation of activities in your Case Management System and maintenance of statistical records for reporting
  • Management of watchlists
  • Provision of feedback to your Fraud Management Team to enhance detection logic

For inquiries or consultations, please contact us at [email protected].