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Founded by a team of financial crime experts in 2019, we believe in the value of using AI and Machine Learning in the optimization of financial crime detection. We provide lean machine learning based solutions that enable easy access to AML and Fraud Analytics.

Our solutions deliver fully automated development and roll-out of financial crime detection models, always up-to-date and individually optimized for our customers.

Focus Areas

spotixx Fraud Analytics Service

Do you wish to reduce cost in the area of fraud prevention? Our service is available in a subscription model and includes the automated development and roll-out of Financial Crime detection models. Our software solution supports a fully automated process, no human interaction required.

Our customers provide pseudonymized transaction data including flags for confirmed fraud which are then processed in our own data center. The spotixx Fraud Analytics Service creates human readable business rules which can be used to routinely update rule sets with new behavioural information, evolving a scoring model over time to adapt to changing criminal behaviours.

Key features of the spotixx Fraud Analytics Service are:

  • Interpretability
    We provide business rules as part of the detection logic which are human readable, easy to interpret by business users and easy to implement directly into your monitoring system.
  • Timeliness
    The fully automated process allows you update your detection logic at any time and swiftly react to changing typologies. This keeps your detection rate at a constantly high level.
  • Universal
    Our solution is based on Machine Learning methods and applicable to a wide range of financial crime typologies (e.g. payments, loans, insurance claims etc.).
  • Minimal Footprint
    We process your pseudonymized transaction data in our own data center. Our customers do not require any additional infrastructure or resources.

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AML Alert Optimization

In the strict regulatory environment of AML detection Banks are forced to employ broad sweeping detection models that have high detection rates but also extremely high false positive rates, creating a huge financial burden for investigation.

spotixx proposes a unique software solution that utilizes machine learning algorithms to rank AML alerts to ultimately lead to a reduction in false positive rates due to alert hibernation.

We create human readable business rules that directly target filed cases for selected detection and false positive rates. These rules are discovered through a process of supervised machine learning and can adapt and evolve to changing criminal behaviors in the Bank’s customer population.

As the spotixx business rules are platform agnostic and easily interpretable by technical and non-technical people alike they can be used for a broad set of applications including:

  • Input to an alert scoring /post-processing model
  • Input to an alert hibernation model
  • Identification or optimization of risk factors
  • Threshold tuning
  • Identification of new detection rules

AML and KYC Compliance in the Cloud

Our USP is the fast and cost-effective deployment of KYC and AML transaction monitoring solutions in the cloud. We provide our customers with a complete Software-as-a-Service package including hosting and management services, implementation, watchlists and software licensing.

Our offering is based on the software of a global market leader in anti-money laundering solutions. With spotixx you will only have one contractual partner for the complete package.

With this approach, we enable innovative companies to swiftly become compliant at low cost and project risk. We are happy to also support you around regulatory aspects of Compliance outsourcing.


  • Reduced risk, cost and duration through preconfigured service package
  • High flexibility of a Software-as-a-Service model
  • Tried and tested know-how in the area of machine learning for the optimization of alert scoring

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Fraud Quick Check

The Fraud Quick Check gives you an initial assessment of the quality of your fraud detection models.

An initial data analysis will identify possible areas of optimization based on your current fraud cases. You will receive a detailed report and recommendations for an initial detection model.

In addition, you will receive best practice scenarios for AI-supported anti-financial crime processes.


spotixx supports you in the design and implementation of analytical financial crime platforms. Our consulting services include:

Design of analytical financial crime platforms

  • Maturity assessment for use of AI
  • Requirement analysis and technical conception
  • Preparation of business case
  • Tool selection, support of RfI & RfP processes

Implementation of analytical financial crime platforms

  • Platform design and creation of architecture blueprint
  • Installation and implementation of analytical monitoring solutions
  • Training of analytical detection models
  • Enterprise Integration: Operationalization of analytical fraud models
  • Data management & data quality management

spotixx Insights

The spotixx Insights Forum is your door to extensive fraud know-how and knowledge center for every fraud manager. The members of spotixx Insights share new fraud typologies so that all members can benefit from the latest findings for your fraud monitoring. The integrated chat-like functionalities provide a platform for direct, anonymous exchange with fraud investigators from other companies.

Network with your peers and always find out about the latest fraud trends in a timely and comprehensive manner. Please be aware, spotixx Insights is currently only available in German language.

Management Team

Patrick Tomo Töniges   
Linkedin   Xing

  • Co-Founder and Managing Director of spotixx.
  • With over 12 years´ experience in anti-financial crime, Patrick helps spotixx grow from contender to leader in Germany and expand its business internationally.
  • Patrick works closely with customers that want to transform their existing anti-money laundering and fraud prevention processes towards more efficient AI based solutions.

Stefan Klaeser   
Linkedin   Xing

  • Co-Founder and Managing Director of spotixx.
  • Over 20 years of experience in fighting payments fraud.
  • Engaged in various positions: Fraud Operations, software development and consulting at major international banks and payment service providers.
  • Is convinced that a symbiosis of man and machine is the best weapon against financial crime and has thus initiated the development of our unique fraud prevention solution.

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Mark Livschitz


spotixx GmbH

Mainzer Landstr. 158, 60327 Frankfurt am Main

Geschäftsführer: Stefan Klaeser, Patrick Töniges